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Enerliance Pitches LOBOS to California Utilities

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last week, Enerliance was invited to present LOBOS to a group of California utilities executives at the Emerging Technologies Open Forum in San Francisco.  We sent our CEO Scot Duncan and board member Ray Pustinger to make the pitch.

LOBOS was one of 15 emerging technology companies invited to present a 10-minute pitch for our market-ready energy efficiency and demand response technologies to representatives from PG&E, SCE, SoCal Gas, SDG&E and SMUD.

The ultimate goal of the presentation is inclusion in California’s multi-billion dollar customer incentive and rebate programs, as well as exposure to the other entrepreneurs, inventors and venture capitalists in the audience.

Of course, LOBOS installations are already eligible for significant utility-funded rebates and incentives, but we’re always interested in increasing our partnerships with utilities, and raising awareness of LOBOS in the industry.

Scot & Ray received plenty of positive feedback from their presentation, which focused on the immense energy efficiency and demand response capabilities of LOBOS systems.

We were also excited to hear presentations by other innovative energy technology companies at the forum.  In fact, we expect to be working with two of the other presenters in the near future.

Verdigris Technologies has developed an intelligent system that utilizes low-cost sensors at the circuit panel for the dynamic disaggregation of energy loads.  The system not only tracks a building’s energy usage in real time, but breaks down that energy usage all the way to an individual appliance level. When you start seeing “disaggregation” techniques change the way we perform energy audits in large facilities and advance the art of post project M&V, remember that you heard it here first.

Enlighted has developed an advanced lighting control system where each fixture in a building has an intelligent sensor that collects real-time occupancy, ambient light, and temperature information and controls fixture behavior based on those readings. The very granular occupancy and temperature information can be used by LOBOS to save even more energy, and further improve occupant comfort.

We’re excited by the potential of working with both companies.

We’d like to thank the California Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) for hosting the event and inviting us to present.  We’d also like to congratulate our fellow presenters on developing technologies that will help to shape the future of energy efficiency and demand response across the nation.

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