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Ever Had Your IBCon Badge Scanned with the Promise of a Fabulous Prize? We Scan and Deliver!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On June 12th-13th Enerliance attended IBCon 2013 in Orlando Florida. The event is the largest gathering of authorities and experts within the Intelligent Building Industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with a community that shared the same passions as us. We were honored to have two of our projects selected as featured case studies during the conference.

We had a great time; we met a lot of interesting people; we learned all about new technology, and most importantly, we had a chance to show off LOBOS.

We also gave away a free iPad to one lucky booth visitor. Our winner was William Rhodes, a Senior Market Analyst at IHS. We got to catch up with him and talk about his big win.

ENL: Congratulations on your big win! Tell us a little about yourself and your position as Senior Market Analyst at IHS?

Will: I am a senior market analyst in the building technologies research group at IHS. I look after a team of analysts researching and providing insight on the global markets for building automation systems, smart building, energy management and other related areas. I have been at IHS for about four years, having previously worked as a business development manager for AV Network and completed a BS in Economics from the University of Sheffield.

ENL: Why were you attending IBCON?

Will: I wanted to talk with building owners, developers and other key end users to hear their real world experiences of installing smart building systems. I also wanted to see some of the latest technology releases from the vendors at the conference.

ENL: What sorts of things did you enjoy at the conference?

Will: I really enjoyed the intelligent buildings boot camp. There was some great examples of how to commission, finding funding, and overcome some of the challenges of installing and operating a smart building systems.

ENL: What new things did you learn? How do you think you will be able to incorporate what you learned at IHS?

Will: One interesting thing I found out was that to make a smart building system implementation successful you need to get buy-in from all the parties involved from the facilities managers through to the board and of course the building occupants themselves. A collaborative approach leads to the best results. I hope to include this and other key insights in our new report on the opportunities for smart buildings.

ENL: Were you surprised to win the iPad?

Will: It was a complete surprise, and came completely out of the blue.I never win anything in prize draws. Hopefully my luck with start to improve now…

ENL: Do you have any apps you can’t wait to download and play around with?

Will: I have an iPad but I hardly get to use it because my fiancée hogs it all the time. I am looking forward to using a nice brand new one whilst my fiancée can keep the older one…

ENL: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Will: I would just like to thank Enerliance, this came completely out of the blue and was a fantastic surprise.

 Thanks for visiting our booth Will, and enjoy your new iPad!

We’re Up For a Digie Award At IBCON This Week

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Oscars may have passed, but in the world of intelligent buildings, awards season is in full swing. We were thrilled to learn just this morning that Enerliance has been named as a finalist for a Digie award at IBCON this week (June 11-13th in Orlando) in the category of “Smart Building Technology Innovation.”

It might seem like an awards-show cliche to talk up your fellow nominees, but in this case we really are in some very fine company. The other two finalists in our category are Project Haystack  (the project behind the excellent Haystack Connect conference we attended in May) and our good friends at Lynxspring. We’re honored to have LOBOS named alongside them.

There will also be two LOBOS-optimized buildings featured as case studies in the conference’s Smart Building Best Practices Showcase that, according to IBCON, will showcase “25+ of the world’s most progressive and successful implementations of smart buildings, portfolios and campuses.” The showcase takes place at IBCON on Thursday, from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM in the West D Foyer.

We’ll be at IBCON reconnect with industry friends and promote LOBOS, exhibiting in booth 6556.  We’d love to see you there.

The Digie Awards will be presented on Wednesday, June 12th, starting at 5:00 p.m. on the exhibit floor.

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