Roll the Presses! InsideIQ Press Release Details Enerliance’s Successful Collaboration with LONG Building Technology

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You may have noticed that here on the Enerliance blog, we like to update you on all the progress we’ve made as a growing tech company. From speaking engagements and panel discussions to Twitter shout-outs and big-time webinar awards, we like to keep you informed on what we’re up to.  But more than just about anything, we like it when we can tell you about our product helping another business get such big results for an end-user that a third-party association deems it newsworthy.

So you can imagine our excitement when we found out that on February 19, 2014, InsideIQ, the independent alliance of automated building contractors, posted to the newswire a press release informing the world all about how LOBOS aided an InsideIQ member, LONG Building Technologies out of Littleton, Colorado, in delivering an estimated more than one million kWh in annual energy savings for a single client. The client, a major financial institution, approached LONG to perform building intelligence upgrades related to the HVAC system that services their regional administrative headquarters, a three-building campus of more than 500,000 square feet. The scope of the project included upgrading the variable frequency drives on several existing chillers, pumps and air handlers, replacing a number of chillers and performing various other mechanical upgrades.

In May of 2013, LONG was fully immersed in performing the related building intelligence upgrades when LONG sales engineer Bob Cleaver met Enerliance president Ray Pustinger at the 2013 Haystack Connect event in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After learning about LOBOS, Enerliance’s intelligent HVAC optimization platform, Cleaver decided to present the software to LONG’s client as an added upgrade.

“The additional savings that LOBOS could provide for our client were just too significant to pass up—even at such a late stage in the project’s completion,” said Mark Balent, president of LONG Building Technologies. “And our client thought so, too. After seeing the numbers, there was no other course but to proceed with the LOBOS installation.”

Because LOBOS is a software platform that is installed on top of and is compatible with most modern HVAC building automation systems, joining the project at a later stage was no problem. Enerliance’s integration team guided LONG technicians through the installation, and the project was completed on deadline without issue.

We love this story not only because it’s further proof of how effective LOBOS is at curtailing HVAC energy use, but because it is an outstanding illustration of how LOBOS helps systems integrators deliver more to their clients. We’re passionate about our product, and we want to see LOBOS in every compatible building nationwide.  But because LOBOS is just one component of a BAS upgrade, we know that we can’t reach our goal if systems integrators don’t know about us and how we can help them deliver big energy savings to their clients. So thank you, InsideIQ, for getting the word out, and a big thank you to LONG Building Technologies for including LOBOS in their upgrade platform on this project.

As they say, great things happen when we work together. “They” sure are smart.

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