Realcomm Advisory Blog Is Latest to Spotlight Benefits of LOBOS

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We are ubiquitous! Well, not really, but we’re moving closer, because when it comes to getting the word out about LOBOS, it’s been a busy couple of months. In late April, we were referenced in an article regarding demand response on the Distributed Energy website. In May, our VP, John Gruss, authored a guest blog post on the Environmental Defense Fund website, and the article was then picked up by the online publication, Energy Efficiency Markets. And on May 29, a commercial energy management research and event company, Realcomm Conference Group, LLC, published on their website an article written by Enerliance President and Yardi Director of Business Development Ray Pustinger. The article provides an overview of the energy efficiency movement within the commercial building sector, and explores how changes resulting from evolving energy procurement methods affect the grid and how these changes relate to trends in building intelligence.

Ray explains how holistic building management is the way of the future, citing building intelligence company Yardi’s recent acquisition of Enerliance and the patented LOBOS software. In Ray’s words:

“Enerliance’s recent acquisition by Yardi represents the next quantum leap in the intelligent management of commercial building energy consumption. The deal promotes automated system optimization by extending Yardi’s suite of front office and back office solutions—which include utility billing, energy management, business intelligence and regulatory compliance—to controlling the very physical infrastructure of a building. Commercial property management clients will be able to save money and increase efficiency by leveraging automated system optimization and system-level analytics with their commercial property management software. This combination of automated system optimization, system-level analytics and business intelligence is unprecedented in the commercial real estate industry.”

LOBOS has the potential to make huge strides toward higher levels of efficiency and comprehensive intelligence in the commercial building sector, but it can’t happen if nobody knows about us. That’s why we’re not ashamed to say we love all the attention we’ve been getting of late, and we want to say a big heartfelt thank you to all the publications that provide us with an opportunity to share information about LOBOS with the world.

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