Qualified SCE Customers Can Get LOBOS Demand Response For Free

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Southern California Edison wants its customers to have fully-automated demand response capabilities, and LOBOS offers just that. In fact, SCE wants you to have an automated demand response system badly enough that they’ll completely pay for it.

If you’re an SCE customer with a qualifying facility, you can have LOBOS fully automated demand response installed for free.

Program Highlights

  • SCE Pays 100% Of The Costs For A Fully-Automated LOBOS Demand Response System
  • Enerliance Bills SCE Directly So Building Owners Have No Out Of Pocket Expenses
  • Additional Rebates & Incentives Available To Add LOBOS Energy Efficiency Component
  • Program Registration Deadline: December 16, 2012
  • Installation Completion Deadline: September 2013

Program Details

Broadly speaking, if you’re an SCE customer with a building larger than 150,000 sq. ft., there’s a good chance you can qualify to have a LOBOS demand response system installed on SCE’s dime.

To qualify for the program, we’ll need to reserve your funding with SCE by December 16th, 2012, but you’ll have until September of 2013 to complete the installation.

Even if you change your mind about the program after reserving your funds, there’s no penalty for withdrawing.

After December 16th, the program is scheduled to become a bit less compelling for building owners. Instead of SCE paying 100% of the costs up front, they’ll pay 60% of the up front costs, then hold on to the remaining 40% for two years to validate that the facility meets specific performance goals.

We strongly recommend applying now so building owners can get LOBOS demand response with no out of pocket expenses.

We’ll Make It Easy

We know that programs like this can be a lot of work for building owners so we’ve done everything we can to simplify the process.

We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting
All we need from you to get started is a bit of basic information about your building along with a single recent utility bill. We’ll take care of the rest.

From preliminary surveys through followup and testing, we’ll make sure the entire process happens smoothly, without increasing your workload.

You’ll Never Write Us A Check
You’ll never get a bill from us, and this program requires absolutely no capital outlay on your part. The way this program is set up, we bill SCE directly for the work we perform, and they pay for all our services.

You’ll Get Precise, Automatic & Intelligent Demand Response
LOBOS makes demand response participation easy.  We’ll configure your system to deliver the capacity you’re comfortable with, on the scale you need.   That could mean anything from a bid that rotates across a portfolio of buildings, all the way down to precise floor by floor or air-handler by air-handler energy usage reductions.

Whatever the size of your demand response bid, and however it’s deployed, LOBOS will maintain an accurate baseline and deliver the precise curtailment capacity you need. All while working to minimize any impact on occupant comfort.

Add Energy Efficiency For Less

Demand response is only part of what LOBOS can do. Adding the LOBOS energy efficiency component to your building can drastically reduce your energy consumption. In most buildings, the heating and cooling system accounts for about 40% of the energy used by the building. The average LOBOS energy efficiency installation cuts the energy those systems use by between 25% and 50%.

By allowing SCE to pay for the installation of the LOBOS demand response component in your facility, you’ll have significantly reduced the costs of adding the LOBOS energy efficiency component. Plus, whether you decide to install the LOBOS energy efficiency component simultaneously with the demand response component, or later on, significant SCE rebates and incentives are available for that portion of the system as well.

A Proven Track Record

By the end of 2012, Enerliance and our partners will have installed more than $4.5 million worth of LOBOS demand response systems in buildings throughout Southern California as part of SCE’s program. That’s $4.5 million paid directly by SCE at no cost to building owners.

Currently, LOBOS systems are delivering more than 8-megawatts of fully-automated demand response capacity to the grid, along with more than $2 million in annual energy savings being created by the energy efficient component of LOBOS systems.

Want to see some specific examples? Check out our case studies.

When you choose LOBOS demand response as part of this program, Enerliance and our partners will handle all the heavy lifting. This includes all the necessary qualification surveys and paperwork, the actual system installation and the final verification and testing once things are up and running.

All we need from you is permission to move forward.

Get Started Today

We can’t imagine a stronger incentive for building owners to install a LOBOS demand response system, and we know that after December 16th, the program won’t be as compelling.

And while you have a few months left to reserve your funding under the program, there’s quite a bit of leg-work we need to complete before then. So, the sooner you contact us, the better.

Fill out my online form.

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