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Ray Talks LOBOS in CPE Magazine

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yardi’s recent acquisition of Enerliance has been great for LOBOS in a number of ways. For one thing, being a part of Yardi’s suite of building intelligence systems, which are present in more than 35% of all U.S. commercial real estate, further validates us as a serious contender in the HVAC optimization game, while giving us the financial backing and influence necessary to access our industry’s major decision-makers. Second, we’re receiving some great media coverage, and we love nothing more than seeing LOBOS bask in the limelight.

Recently, Enerliance president and Yardi director of business development, Ray Pustinger, sat down with Commercial Property Executive (CPE) Magazine’s editorial director, Suzann D. Silverman, to discuss LOBOS and its role in the growing conservation and sustainability movement currently taking place in the commercial real estate sector. The five-page spread featured in the magazine’s print edition is an extensive Q&A on topics ranging from the basics of what LOBOS does, to the “how-to’s” of funding an HVAC LOBOS upgrade through the utility industry’s growing demand response rebate initiatives, to the future of energy management and the politics of sustainability.

Yardi NYC Energy Summit

Start Spreading the News — LOBOS ♥’s New York!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state of New York are serious about energy conservation, and LOBOS is right in the middle of the action. In addition to the recently unveiled REV program (Reforming the Energy Vision), which will change the way energy in New York is generated, transmitted and distributed, Con Edison, as part of a joint program with NYSERDA is offering 100 million dollars in new utility incentives aimed at the very specific goal of relieving 50 megawatts of electricity demand from the grid serving Manhattan and the rest of the five boroughs by June of 2016. The point of this reduction is to support Governor Cuomo’s mission to permanently shutter the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, which provides about 25% of the energy for New York City and Westchester County.

To this end, on Thursday, June 26, Yardi hosted “The New York City Energy Summit,” an invitation-only event at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Summit leaders introduced a number of renowned real estate portfolio owners and managers to the LOBOS HVAC Intelligence, Optimization & Demand Response platform while explaining how Manhattan’s new utility rebates can fund a substantial portion of the costs associated with a LOBOS building upgrade. LOBOS-equipped buildings typically reduce operating expenses by 20 cents per square foot while producing one watt per square foot of demand response capacity and 2 kWh per square foot of annual energy savings.

South-Coast-Offices-Photo (1)

South Coast Plaza Towers Now in Second Season of LOBOS ADR

Monday, June 16, 2014

One million watts. That’s a lot of juice. Enough to power nearly 435 2,000-square-foot homes running air conditioners, pool pumps and electric water heaters. In fact, it’s such a big number that SCE predicted the South Coast Plaza Towers in Costa Mesa, California, would only be able to deliver a third of that amount to the grid when they signed on to take part in SCE’s demand response program. But guess what? South Coast Plaza installed LOBOS.

The South Coast Plaza Towers, which include three out of the first four office buildings to be awarded LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council for Operations and Maintenance, are renowned for their environmental building initiatives, so when they decided to outfit the towers with automated demand response capability, they, of course, used the optimization technology that is second to none.


IBcon 2014 is Almost Here and Enerliance Will Represent

Thursday, June 12, 2014

In 2012, the big news to come out of IBcon was the official market launch of LOBOS and its recognition by Tridium as a product of note in their Niagara Way spotlight. At IBcon 2013, LOBOS was a finalist for a Digie Award. And at this year’s IBcon, we are pleased to announce that our parent company, Yardi Systems, who just last month finalized its acquisition of Enerliance, will be serving as a platinum elite sponsor.

To top it all off, Enerliance founder Scot Duncan is involved with not one, but two panel discussions, speaking on the panel, Energy Management vs. Building Automation – Understanding the Differences, and serving as moderator on the panel, Smart Buildings to Smart Grid – Using Building Intelligence to Enable Automated Demand Response.


Realcomm Advisory Blog Is Latest to Spotlight Benefits of LOBOS

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We are ubiquitous! Well, not really, but we’re moving closer, because when it comes to getting the word out about LOBOS, it’s been a busy couple of months. In late April, we were referenced in an article regarding demand response on the Distributed Energy website. In May, our VP, John Gruss, authored a guest blog post on the Environmental Defense Fund website, and the article was then picked up by the online publication, Energy Efficiency Markets. And on May 29, a commercial energy management research and event company, Realcomm Conference Group, LLC, published on their website an article written by Enerliance President and Yardi Director of Business Development Ray Pustinger. The article provides an overview of the energy efficiency movement within the commercial building sector, and explores how changes resulting from evolving energy procurement methods affect the grid and how these changes relate to trends in building intelligence.

Ray explains how holistic building management is the way of the future, citing building intelligence company Yardi’s recent acquisition of Enerliance and the patented LOBOS software. In Ray’s words:

DR Season

Getting Ready for DR Season With LOBOS

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

With the hottest months of the year just around the corner, it’s a good time to make sure  your LOBOS system is ready to participate in automated demand response programs.

One of the biggest advantages of LOBOS DR is that it can be fully automated. Instead of  requiring you to manually adjust your system during a Demand Response event, LOBOS can automatically and intelligently comply with energy reduction requirements called by your utility.


IFMA Recognizes LOBOS Project for Going “Beyond the Box”

Monday, June 2, 2014

COFAXWhile it’s true that hard work is its own reward, a little public recognition certainly doesn’t hurt. And though we aren’t in the energy efficiency business for trophies and top honors and accolades and all that stuff, we do love it when our innovative LOBOS software is recognized for its truly revolutionary capabilities. So we’re jumping up on our soapbox, yet again, to let the world know that another building automation system upgrade featuring LOBOS software has won an award.

This time, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has bestowed its Colorado Facilities (COFAX) Leading Edge Elements Award on the USAA Mountain States Regional Administrative Headquarters and their building automation system upgrade featuring LOBOS EE. The award recognizes a “project that implements ‘Beyond the Box’ concept or design in an effort to incorporate innovative concepts … [and] demonstrates a new way to utilize an existing facility … building systems or technology.” The systems integrator in charge of the project was LONG Building Technologies out of Littleton, Colorado, and the site is a three-building, 500,000-square-foot campus in Colorado Springs.

Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund and Enerliance: Spreading the Word About HVAC-Based Auto-DR

Friday, May 23, 2014

It’s no secret that here at Enerliance we like talking commercial HVAC optimization. Give us five minutes and we’ll give you the rundown on LOBOS EE, ADR and FDD; we’ll tell you what platform it runs on (Niagara, of course); and we’ll fill your head with more industry-specific knowledge than you can shake a stick at. And while we love talking shop in a community of like-minded individuals, we also recognize the value of sharing what we’ve learned with people outside of our industry—people who want to know about real-time, business-friendly solutions to big problems such as global warming, grid strain and the future of U.S. energy.

That’s why we were so pleased with the opportunity to guest author a post on the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Energy Exchange Blog on the topic of HVAC-generated automated demand response in the commercial building sector. The EDF platform gives us an opportunity to share the environmental benefits of LOBOS with a wider audience—some of whom may have limited knowledge but a vested interest in the scope and capabilities of this industry-changing technology.


We’re excited to announce that Enerliance has been acquired by Yardi

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our mission is to improve comfort and efficiency and enable fully automated demand response in large buildings. Our LOBOS software does exactly that.

Since 1984, Yardi has been developing innovative real estate software solutions. Today, they’re one of the most trusted names in real estate management software, with over 3,000 employees in over 30 offices worldwide.

Kilroy Realty

Enerliance Accepts PLMA Spring Conference Award on Behalf of Kilroy Realty

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One of our partners in sustainability recently received an award for their demand response efforts! And they requested Enerliance president Ray Pustinger to accept it on their behalf. How cool is that?

Kilroy Realty and its vice president of sustainability, Sara Neff, were recognized on April 15, 2014 at the PLMA Spring Conference in Denver, Colorado as recipients of one of seven 11th Annual PLMA Awards. These awards recognize leading energy utility demand response initiatives, and Kilroy Realty is receiving theirs for Outstanding Demand Response Customer. In 2013, Kilroy Realty installed and enrolled 1.6 MW of automated demand response capacity in the SCE service area across six buildings, totaling one million square feet.


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