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New Video Explains LOBOS Technology for Automated Buildings

Monday, September 29, 2014

Because LOBOS is such a new technology, in such a niche field, its operations and benefits can be difficult to comprehend. Often, when talking about LOBOS, we use industry-specific terminology, and sometimes explanations can raise more questions than they answer. But LOBOS is so revolutionary and so amazing that we want everyone along the chain of impact to know about it—from the automated buildings systems integrator right down to the office worker who can now enjoy a consistently comfortable building temperature.

That’s why, instead of more talk about how great LOBOS is—how it makes participation in demand response programs a breeze; how it’s an energy efficiency must-have for all well-designed automated buildings; how it actually, in many instances, reduces comfort calls while saving energy and money—we decided to make a video. Because, we get it, this is complicated stuff and sometimes you need a good visual to truly understand a new technology and how you can benefit from it.

The LOBOS video is designed for everyone. People with no HVAC industry experience will appreciate the video’s broader explanations of how an automated building system works and how LOBOS makes it work better. Engineers and systems integrators will appreciate how it clarifies the ways in which LOBOS optimizes the HVAC system to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, while allowing for the easy and automatic participation in demand response.

Considering all the talk of climate change, combined with the growing global desire to be free from nuclear energy dependence, LOBOS and technologies like it are of vital importance. We want everyone to understand this technology because we are all responsible for, and impacted by, environmental outcomes—both positive and negative.

Every time you or I visit a large building (think the mall, or a city hospital, or the office tower in which you work), the building’s HVAC system is running to keep that building’s machinery and environment cool for our sake. We rarely give a thought to the HVAC system, but we should. HVAC is a building’s largest energy draw, and therefore, it is also the place where the most significant energy savings are created.

Technologies like LOBOS are what make possible the broad efficiency gains that will enable us to live within our energy means, while still being comfortable. Think of it this way: It would take six hundred 2,000-square-foot homes to produce the same amount of demand response energy reduction as one 1.8 million-square-foot California high rise. And as we explain in the video, buildings outfitted with the LOBOS Energy Efficiency component run at an optimized level 24/7, making their overall consumption go down exponentially. Which means that, even if building operators choose to forgo demand response participation, the everyday levels of efficiency are so significant that the buildings’ utility prices are, more times than not, placed in a lower rate bracket, thus saving energy and money. And everyone knows that a cheaper per kWh rate is the ultimate litmus test, because high rates are the utility industry’s front-line weapon against over-consumption.

Educating ourselves is the only way we are going to effect real progress in the battle against climate change, grid instability and over-consumption.

As we stated in our intro, sometimes you need a good visual to really understand, so without further delay (except for maybe three more minutes to pop some popcorn), hit play and watch the magic happen.

Like what you see? Head on over to our calculator to see what LOBOS could do for your building!

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