Raymond Pustinger Becomes Enerliance Company President

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tasked With Managing Energy Company’s Growth And Expansion

Download Word VersionIrvine California (PRWEB) May 16th, 2013Today Enerliance announced the appointment of energy industry veteran Raymond Pustinger as company president.  Enerliance CEO Scot Duncan made the announcement.  Pustinger will be leading the company’s rapid expansion brought on by the introduction of the LOBOS building efficiency and demand response platform.

Pustinger comes to Enerliance with a 24 year history in the energy industry and a track record of helping energy solutions companies achieve and manage rapid growth.  He served as CEO of energy efficient lighting manufacturer Precision-Paragon [P2] from 2002 to 2011.  Under his leadership, the company grew from $5-million annual revenue in 2002 to $44-million annual revenue in 2008, while increasing profitability at twice the rate of sales. This success resulted in the sale of the company to Hubbell Lighting (NYSE:HUB-A) in December of 2008.

“During 24 years in the industry I’ve seen several waves of technology transform commercial facilities markets,” said Pustinger.  “It’s clear to me that the LOBOS platform is in the right place, at the right time, with the right solution to be the next transformative technology.”

“Ray has been a member of the Enerliance advisory board since 2011. As an advisor he’s helped us establish a strong brand and strategic plan to support our growth,” said Scot Duncan, Enerliance CEO.  “It’s been a natural evolution from advisor to President, and we’re thrilled to have Ray’s leadership and experience as we approach this period of expansion.”

As company president, Pustinger will manage the transition of the company from research and development to addressing a national marketplace.  This effort will include the engagement of multiple market channels and the development of a LOBOS Certified Partner Program which will enable the broader adoption of LOBOS.

“Scot and his founding partner Bob Johnson have developed a product that is changing the way large commercial HVAC systems consume energy and participate in demand response.  The LOBOS platform has been validated by more than $5 million in utility incentives and proven in premier commercial real estate facilities” explained Pustinger.  “With this foundation in place, it is time to develop the infrastructure and market channels that will allow LOBOS to realize its market potential.”

Pustinger sees a parallel between LOBOS and the recent rapid adoption of smart phones.

“A few years ago, smartphones were a novelty,” said Pustinger.  “Today, they’re something millions of people couldn’t live without.  I believe that for large commercial facilities, LOBOS is becoming a must have tool.”

LOBOS is currently installed in more than 40-million square feet of office space, delivering $3-million in annual energy savings and 16 megawatts of fully-automated demand response capacity to the electrical grid.  During 2013, LOBOS is scheduled to be installed in an additional 34-million square feet of commercial office space.

A recent study showed that if LOBOS were installed in every compatible building across the country, an estimated 33 billion square feet, it could generate more than $5-billion in annual energy savings and provide 25 gigawatts of automated demand response capacity.

“Enerliance is positioned at the intersection of the building intelligence, energy solutions and smart grid space, and we have the tools these markets are hungry for,” said Pustinger.  “I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead a company with the potential to define the next generation of commercial energy solutions.”  

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