New study underscores dramatic peak load curtailment and energy savings potential of LOBOS

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Study released at DistribuTECH Conference identifies 25 gigawatt automatic demand response potential  

Download Word VersionSan Diego, Calif. (PRWEB) Jan. 29, 2013Enerliance Inc. of Anaheim, Calif.,  released the results of a new study illustrating the energy saving and peak load curtailment potential of its fully automated LOBOS  (Load Based Optimization System) software platform at the DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition in San Diego on Jan. 29 through 31.

LOBOS adds sophisticated intelligence to large-scale air conditioning systems, delivering automated demand response capability, energy savings, reduced maintenance expenditures, and improved occupant comfort to commercial facilities.

The breakthrough technology combines decades of expertise in the design of ultra-efficient commercial HVAC systems, cutting-edge building intelligence deployed on the industry standard Niagara Ax platform, and the ability to precisely respond to smart grid demand response signals.

In 2012, Enerliance engaged Green Per Square Foot of Chicago,Ill. to perform a national commercial real estate study in an effort to quantify the total addressable market potential for the LOBOS platform. The company, which has 17 years experience working with commercial property data, segmented more than 80 billion square feet of facilities data based on property characteristics, asset type, and location.  The result was a comprehensive dataset that allowed meaningful analysis based on facility size, use, and HVAC equipment type.

“Our core competencies in facilities data are now being used to efficiently connect commercial energy consumers with viable energy efficiency solutions,” said Dustin Gellman, CEO of Green Per Square Foot.

“With Enerliance, we were able to use our expertise to aggregate information on thousands of buildings across the US — and size the market based on a significant sample.”

The initial study identified an estimated 33 billion square feet of commercial building space nationwide that could benefit from the LOBOS technology.

With the facilities data established, Enerliance then applied performance data from pre-market LOBOS deployments at 140 facilities totaling 18 million square feet of commercial office space. The results show that if LOBOS was installed in every compatible building in the country it would have the potential to reduce electricity consumption by 46,000 gigawatt hours annually, a reduction in operating costs of more than $5 billion.

In addition, the LOBOS demand response system has the potential to provide 25 gigawatts of automated demand response power reduction during times of peak grid congestion, which is equivalent to the electricity generated by 21 nuclear power plants.

One recent example illustrates how the LOBOS platform continues to establish new performance standards, delivering the benefits anticipated as the smart grid moves from concept to reality.

During a utility test on an 84-degree afternoon this past August, a campus of three Class A buildings totaling nearly 1 million square feet of commercial office space and equipped with LOBOS demand response technology delivered 1 megawatt of automated demand response to the Southern California electrical grid. The curtailment was maintained over a two-hour window without a single comfort call complaint. The 1 megawatt curtailment capacity was nearly three times the 371 kilowatt amount that had been expected by Southern California Edison.

“LOBOS continues to help make the world greener — one building at a time,” said Scot Duncan, P.E., Enerliance founder and CEO. “We are excited to work with the utility, energy efficiency and facilities communities to bring the benefits of LOBOS to market.  Working together, we can delay indefinitely the need for additional power generation capacity.”

About Enerliance: Enerliance is the company behind LOBOS, an intelligent optimization system for large-scale, air conditioning systems that offers improved comfort, energy-efficiency and fully-automated demand response capability that materially improves bottom lines for building owners and occupants.

Currently, LOBOS systems are delivering more than 12-megawatts of fully automated demand response capability to the grid along with more than $3 million in annual energy savings. The core technologies behind the LOBOS platform are protected under patent number US 7,890,215 B2.

Enerliance works with energy service contractors, mechanical contractors, building automation contractors, controls manufacturers, utilities and other LOBOS-certified partners to integrate LOBOS systems in buildings across the country.

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