Demand Response

LOBOS provides truly automated demand response, making the smart grid quite a bit smarter.

fix demand response’s fatal flaw

Demand response is a critical part of the smart grid, but right now it all too often gets hung up on the human component. Too many participants in smart grid programs rely on human intervention as part of their response to an event signal.

LOBOS fixes the problem with a fully-automated 10-stage graduated response to demand response event signals.

get precise load reductions
you can depend on

By offering fully-automated demand response, LOBOS enables predictable, dependable demand response load reductions. Its built-in, 10-stage response capability enables a graduated response based on the severity of the event.

The LOBOS system’s intelligence is driven off the same 10-day average baseline that utilities use to calculate baselines for demand response events – ensuring precise reductions relative to the baseline.

deploy it on a large scale

LOBOS demand response can scale from a single installation all the way across an entire portfolio of properties. In large scale deployments, the entire network of LOBOS installations can be managed through a single location without sacrificing customization.

This means that building managers can balance their load reduction with tenant buy-in, both within a single building and across a wide portfolio.

Since LOBOS works with most existing building management software and hardware, it can be deployed without requiring existing systems to be replaced.

get an intelligent response

During a demand response event, the LOBOS system will use its intelligence to comply with its load reduction requirements while minimizing the impact on occupant comfort. LOBOS also comes with built-in safeties, so that acceptable temperature variations can be set for individual floors, tenants, or air handlers, allowing building owners to participate in demand response programs while accommodating specific tenant preferences.

work with a proven system

The LOBOS demand response system is already installed and working in millions of square feet of commercial real estate.

The Irvine Company in Southern California used LOBOS to optimize 24 million square feet of commercial property. As a result of their large-scale LOBOS installation and integration with Southern California Edison’s demand response program, the Irvine Company now has over 5 megawatts of flexibility controlled through a centralized system.

bundle automated demand response
& energy efficiency

Standing alone, either the energy efficiency or demand response capabilities of LOBOS are an impressive offering. When they’re combined into a single package, the benefits are too good to ignore.

With a single product, LOBOS provides a typical 25% – 50% reduction in cooling energy, increased occupant comfort and real, automated demand response capabilities.

work with a capable partner

Enerliance has both the knowledge and experience to support LOBOS deployment in large-scale demand response programs. The capabilities of both our team and our product have been proven in the real world, achieving success every time.

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