Automated Demand Response

LOBOS makes your building smarter, more comfortable and less expensive to operate.

more comfortable, happier occupants

With a LOBOS system installed in your building, you’ll have an intelligent, responsive platform working to keep your occupants comfortable.

LOBOS never sacrifices occupant comfort to achieve energy savings, it enhances it. As part of its optimization process, LOBOS will learn, respond to and even anticipate the comfort needs of your building’s occupants.

how much more comfortable?

We’ve seen LOBOS installations reduce comfort calls by more than 80%. And you don’t need us to tell you how valuable occupant comfort can be.

One well-known BOMA survey found that poor HVAC system performance was the primary reason that tenants leave office buildings.

A building with a reputation for excellent occupant comfort will have a much easier time retaining and attracting tenants. This translates to increased occupancy rates, productivity and building valuations.

big energy savings

LOBOS systems can create and verify substantial energy savings.

The heating and cooling systems of large buildings are complex things. Having a LOBOS system installed in your building is like having an expert building engineer constantly at the controls of your central plant. LOBOS will monitor the operation of your building’s cooling, heating and air handling systems, optimize their performance and create significant energy savings.

how much can LOBOS save?

In most buildings, the heating and cooling system accounts for about 40% of the energy used by the building. The average LOBOS installation cuts the energy those systems use by between 25% and 50%.

verify the savings

When you want to know just how well LOBOS is performing in your building, that information is just a click away. The LOBOS dashboard will give you real-time feedback on both current and historical performance.

meet your sustainability goals

If your building has already undergone more common energy-saving retrofits, LOBOS is an opportunity to take the next step and improve your efficiency even further.

persistent savings – LOBOS DCx™

Principles of LOBOS Dynamic Commissioning (DCx)™
LOBOS DCx applies dynamic set point resets every 60 seconds to automatically and continuously maintain the original design performance of the HVAC system and ensure persistent savings.

Key Principles of LOBOS DCx

Address the Whole System Comfort, Chiller Plants, and Air Handlers are optimized simultaneously to maintain comfort at the lowest overall HVAC energy cost.

Apply New Levels of Intelligence Deploy intelligence to manage micro-trends by applying set point resets every 60 seconds to maintain optimum HVAC system performance.

Ensure Persistent Savings LOBOS DCx operates automatically and continually and when combined with LOBOS FDD ensures optimal HVAC system performance.

easy demand response participation

Demand response programs bring the opportunity for buildings to save significant amounts of money on their energy costs, and LOBOS makes participation in demand response programs easy and automatic.

The LOBOS demand response component is both automatic and customizable. This means that after its initial setup, LOBOS will automatically respond to a demand response event call from the utility in the way you want it to.

intelligent & precise demand response performance

While traditional demand response measures often involve building managers literally flipping switches and turning off air handling components, LOBOS manages demand response events intelligently.

When an event is called, the LOBOS system will work to comply with its energy-reduction requirements while minimizing the impact on occupant comfort.

LOBOS can even be configured to maintain specific comfort levels during a demand response event on a floor-by-floor basis, allowing your building to participate even if some tenants don’t buy-in to the program.

In our real-world testing, this has meant that demand response events can be called with a negligible impact on occupant comfort.

easy to manage

The LOBOS dashboard makes it easy for your operator to make adjustments to the system. While many building management systems require operators to enter complex code, the LOBOS interface is completely graphical, and most changes can be made by adjusting a simple slider.

easy to scale

The opportunities for LOBOS aren’t limited to a single building. LOBOS can be deployed in a distributed network across an entire portfolio of properties. With a large-scale LOBOS installation, this provides you with the ability to roll out a consistent platform so property managers can easily optimize comfort and efficiency — and manage demand response — on a large scale.

an opportunity to create value

With increased occupant comfort, decreased energy costs and easy demand response capabilities, LOBOS represents a significant opportunity to create value in your building.

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