LOBOS integrates with your building automation hardware to make it even smarter.

take the shortcut to platform intelligence

LOBOS runs cooling system and demand response logic that’s been built over more than 30 years of hands-on experience, development and real-world testing. LOBOS isn’t designed to replace building management or automation systems, but to work with them to make them more intelligent.

Here’s how LOBOS takes the risk out of hard coded optimization strategies, the pain out of manual commissioning, and ensures long-term performance.

  1. Proven optimization logic and reset sequences reside on the LOBOS platform. The control points are mapped between LOBOS and the Building Automation System, and then LOBOS goes to work.
  2. LOBOS responds to changing building load requirements, continually optimizing both the water and air side of the cooling system so that they work together in the most efficient manner possible, where many less able systems address only one side at the expense of the other.
  3. Utilizing sophisticated self-tuning loops, the LOBOS system learns and adapts, providing continual recommissioning and persistent savings over time.

offer big benefits with a small box

By adding LOBOS to either new or existing installations, your customers will reap a host of significant benefits.

real energy savings

In most installations, LOBOS can provide between 25% and 50% reductions in the energy used by a building’s cooling system.

automated & precise demand response

LOBOS removes the need for manual intervention during demand response events. With a fully-automatic 10-stage controller, LOBOS will automatically respond to demand response signals directly from the utility.

automated fault detection & diagnostics

LOBOS monitors the performance of the entire cooling system, making sure that things are working properly and issuing alerts any time something’s amiss.

real comfort improvements

LOBOS never sacrifices comfort for efficiency, it improves it. In fact, in one real-world installation, LOBOS reduced comfort calls by more than 80%.

easy to verify & control

Every LOBOS system has an energy dashboard that delivers real-time performance feedback, allowing operators to verify their expected energy savings and make adjustments to the system with an easy to use graphical interface.

integrate with new installations or perform upgrades

LOBOS can be easily integrated with new installations, or be installed as an add-on to existing systems. Since it runs on the NiagaraAX platform, LOBOS can interface with a huge range of systems and components.

As a manufacturer or technology integrator, you have the opportunity to use LOBOS to both increase the value of your new products, and create additional value by offering LOBOS as an add-on to existing installations.

work with a dedicated partner

When you choose to work with Enerliance, you’ll be working with more than just a vendor, you’ll be working with a partner. That’s because we fully recognize that our success depends on our customer’s success, which means that we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed.

integrate a patent protected technology

The core technologies behind LOBOS are protected by patent number US 7,890,215 B2. By licensing and integrating LOBOS with your products and installations, you can gain access to a truly unique and protected technology.

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