LOBOS Offers Real Energy Savings that Contractors and Energy Service Companies can Pass On To Their Clients

LOBOS lets you get beyond the low-hanging fruit and offer real, verifiable energy savings in an area that's hardly been touched.

beyond lighting retrofits

One of the challenges facing energy efficiency retrofit contractors and other energy project developers is that many facilities have already covered the basics of energy efficiency. LOBOS is a chance to get beyond the basics.

offer significant savings

The cooling system accounts for about 35% of the energy consumption in most buildings, and LOBOS installations can typically cut that portion of a building’s energy consumption by 25% – 50%.

verify those savings

LOBOS‘ integrated monitoring and feedback dashboard lets you or your clients view real-time performance data, so you can easily demonstrate just how much energy the system you installed is saving.

improve comfort

LOBOS doesn’t sacrifice comfort, it improves it. LOBOS works to optimize the performance of cooling systems, learning, responding to and even anticipating the comfort needs of occupants.

How much of an improvement in comfort can LOBOS make? We’ve seen LOBOS installations decrease comfort calls by over 80%.

Not only do decreased comfort calls lead to happier occupants, they reduce the costs of responding to those calls. With LOBOS, you can offer savings and comfort in a single package.

implement easy, automated &
precise demand response

Demand response is a great opportunity for building owners to save money, but without an automated, intelligent solution, it’s impossible to fully realize that opportunity. LOBOS is that automated intelligent solution.

LOBOS can be configured with 10 graduated demand-response steps, and during each step, the system will work to minimize the impact of the demand response event on occupant comfort.

LOBOS can even be configured to maintain specific comfort levels during a demand response event on a floor-by-floor basis, allowing building owners to participate even if some tenants don’t buy-in to the program.

Real-world testing has shown that LOBOS can handle demand response events with a minimal impact on occupant comfort.

Since LOBOS responds automatically to the demand response notice from the utility, it removes the risk that a building owner won’t see the benefits they expect from enrollment in a demand response program.

work with an open platform

LOBOS systems are deployed using hardware and software you’re probably already familiar with. Every LOBOS installation runs on JENEsys® by Lynxspring and uses the NiagaraAX platform along with SkySpark by SkyFoundry for Fault Detection and Diagnostics.

work with a team you can trust

When you work with Enerliance, you’re working with a team you can depend on. We know that our success is linked to your success, which means we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed.

We won’t compete with you. As a technology developer, our role is to create and support products that the energy efficiency community needs. Products that create energy savings and a compelling return on investment.

We know that successful LOBOS installations need the value that only skilled energy service companies, mechanical contractors and controls contractors bring to the table. We’ll work hard to create owner/occupier awareness and demand for LOBOS, but we know who our customer is. You.

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