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Enerliance and Trane Work Together to Save Loyola Marymount University $629,000 Annually

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LOBOS saves money. LOBOS saves energy. LOBOS creates comfort. Simply put, in this day and age, an HVAC upgrade is incomplete without it—and when you couple LOBOS with top-of-the-line controls and equipment, the energy savings are simply astounding. Enerliance recently collaborated with HVAC systems manufacturer Trane  for an upgrade to the Upper Campus chiller plant at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). The projected energy cost-savings are a whopping $629,000 annually—and these savings come without any sacrifice in comfort to students, faculty and staff. (more…)

Come See Us at the 2013 Cleantech OC Conference and Expo

Monday, September 9, 2013

CleanTech OC is holding its fourth annual conference and expo Monday, September 16, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Irvine, and Enerliance is proud to announce our nomination for this year’s Company of the Year Award. Naturally, we are honored to be considered, but we are even more excited about our CEO, Scot Duncan’s invitation to participate as an expert on the 3:00-4:15pm Panel 4 Discussion: The Intersection of Energy Efficiency, Building Intelligence & Smart Grid.

Slated to participate with Scot in this panel discussion are experts from Southern California Edison and the Irvine Company: Mark Martinez, Manager, DSM Strategy and Policy, Southern California Edison; Erron Williams, Senior Director of Engineering Operations, Irvine Company. The panel will also include Michel Kamel, CEO, MelRok; and moderator and demand response industry expert, Peter Weigand, CEO, Skipping Stone.

While each of the panel members approach the topics of energy efficiency, building intelligence and smart grid from a unique perspective, they all recognize the continued convergence of supply and demand side energy concerns, the role of building intelligence in providing solutions to both, and the greatly increased potential when all three are addressed together. What is genuinely exciting about our presence in this discussion is that LOBOS is built to address all three, delivering significant HVAC intelligence to commercial buildings while creating the new levels of energy efficiency and automated demand response capacity which are necessary if we are to realize the potential of the smart grid.

LOBOS provides a proven, effective and accepted platform that makes it easy to comply with new efficiency standards, participate in demand response programs and save huge amounts of energy and money every minute of every day. And LOBOS benefits everyone from the tenant whose comfort is never compromised, to the building owners and property managers who see major savings on their HVAC expenditures, to the utility companies who have to do their best to provide enough energy to an ever-increasing population with an ever-increasing demand.

At this year’s CleanTech OC Conference, we look forward to sharing our knowledge, learning from our colleagues in efficiency, and continuing the dialogue that is changing our world for the better. As for the award, we’re taking the Oscar’s approach: It’s a thrill to be nominated, but really we’re just super excited to be there.

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