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Haystack Connect 2013 Wrapup

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A couple weeks ago, Enerliance got to attend the first annual Haystack Connect conference. We went because we support the goals of Project Haystack – and because we saw it as an opportunity to connect with other companies who are moving the building controls and intelligence industry forward.

The conference was great on a number of levels, but the most exciting part for us was getting to spend time with the community of innovators. The people who are helping to build the intelligent buildings of tomorrow.

System integrators we met at the conference, with companies like Engenuity  and Long Building Intelligence, are doing a great job of staying on top of a rapidly evolving industry and integrating software like LOBOS into the complex systems that run large buildings.

We also met a couple controls at distributors who are going above and beyond. Eric Stromquist, the CEO and Co Owner of Stromquist & Co. and Ken Smyers, a Sales Engineer at Smyers Co., provided excellent coverage of Haystack on their blog, In fact, their ControlTrends is quickly becoming one of the industry’s best sources of news and information.

We’d also like to take a minute to thank the conference’s organizers. Marc Petock from Lynxspring and John Petze from SkyFoundry are both longtime friends of Enerliance, and thought leaders in the industry. Thanks to both of you for being the driving force behind Haystack Connect 2013. We’re excited to see where the industry goes between now and Haystack Connect 2014.

4 Reasons We’re Excited About The New Enerliance HQ

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A couple months ago we moved into our brand new Enerliance headquarters in Irvine. Our new HQ is a great building that gives our rapidly growing company room to grow.

That room to grow is the most obvious benefit of the move, but today we thought we’d share a few of the less obvious benefits of being in our new offices.

#1 – It’s Made Us More Popular Than Ever

Ever since our move, we’ve been hearing a lot more of, “no, let’s meet at your place” from our partners, customers and friends. We suspect this has something to do with the fact that our new building is smack-dab in the middle of Orange County, about a mile from world-class dining and shopping at the Irvine Spectrum, and about 10-minutes from Orange County beaches.

In fact, we suspect we’ve had at least a few meetings whose real purpose was an excuse to try out a new restaurant at the Spectrum and maybe check out a store or two. But it’s OK – we don’t mind being used.

#2 – One Big Happy Enerliance Family

Before the move, Enerliance was split between two buildings. Our Admin, R&D and Engineering departments were in an office in Anaheim, Our CEO Scot & our sales department were in Lake Forest. It made face-to-face meetings a bit of a challenge.

Today – with all of Enerliance under one roof – an Enerliance Engineer can talk to an Enerliance Sales Person without having to drive halfway across Orange County. Which, from our perspective, is a nice thing.

#3 – Office Space For Our Friends

The Energy Efficiency industry is pretty nomadic by nature. Many of our partners and customers live a good chunk of their working lives on the road. So – we’ve offered up some of our currently unused office space to those partners and customers.

Any time they’re in town and tired of working from their hotel rooms, they’re welcome to come take over an open Enerliance office or two. We’ve already had more than a few take us up on it.

It gives them another excuse to stay in our neck of the woods, and gives us a bit more face time.

#4 – It’s An Easy Place To Visit

Like we mentioned, our industry travels a lot. So it’s no accident that the new Enerliance HQ is just 10 minutes from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport.

Add on all the other benefits of a visit to Orange County, and it’s no wonder we’ve had a steady stream of guests flying in to meetings over the past few months, with a disproportionately large number of them coming from much colder climates.

So What’s Holding You Back? 

We’re excited to be in our new offices, and if you haven’t had a chance to visit, we’d love to have you stop by. Whether you come purely for business, or you’re trying to sneak a bit of fun in your day, we’ll be happy to see you, and even happy to cover for you while you enjoy some of what our new HQ and its surroundings have to offer.

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