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Enerliance CEO Participates in Department of Energy FDD Workshop at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Monday, June 3, 2013

Berkeley, CA –  Enerliance CEO Scot Duncan was invited to participate in a workshop hosted by the Department of Energy Building Technologies Program, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Navigant Consulting. The goal of the workshop was to get feedback from building intelligence and energy solutions thought leaders on the OpenEIS Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) concept.

Scot, along with representatives from IBM, Trane, United Technology Research Center, The California State University System, Duke Realty and others attended the day-long workshop at LBNL at the end of February.

The industry experts gave feedback on the OpenEIS concept — an open, cloud-based platform — which would create a common protocol for performing fault detection and diagnosis in small (under 100,000 sq. ft.) commercial buildings. Undetected system faults are a major cause of energy waste in commercial facilities, and one of the more difficult energy efficiency areas to address cost-effectively in smaller facilities.

The idea is that a platform like OpenEIS could give smaller commercial buildings access to the same kind of analytics that LOBOS gives to larger (100,000+ sq. ft.) commercial buildings. Additionally, sharing data from hundreds, or even thousands, of similar buildings across the country could give the facilities community access to valuable data we don’t have today.

“I was humbled to be included in the talented group at the workshop and given the opportunity to collaborate,” said Scot. “It’s great that the DOE continues to encourage and support innovation in matters of energy efficiency and reducing energy waste.”

Enerliance Welcomes A New Company President

Friday, May 17, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce a new member of our executive team. Raymond Pustinger has become Enerliance’s new company president.

Ray is no stranger to Enerliance. In fact, he’s been a member of the Enerliance advisory board since 2011. As president, Ray’s going to be leading our rapid expansion as we move past the research and development phase of LOBOS, into its stage as a product in the energy solutions marketplace.

This means Ray will be leading the development of our LOBOS Certified Partner Program and other tools that make it as easy as possible for commercial buildings around the country to take advantage of what LOBOS can offer.

Ray has quite a bit of experience both managing and developing growth for energy companies. From 2002 to 2011, Ray was CEO of energy-efficient lighting manufacturer Precision-Paragon [P2]. Under his leadership, the company grew from $5-million to $44-million in annual revenue and increased profitability at twice the rate of sales.

As Enerliance CEO Scot Duncan said, Ray’s move from advisor to company president has been a logical transition.

“As an advisor Ray helped us establish a strong brand and strategic plan to support our growth. It’s been a natural evolution from advisor to president, and we’re thrilled to have Ray’s leadership and experience as we approach this period of expansion.”

Ray’s excited about the potential he sees for LOBOS.

“Enerliance is positioned at the intersection of the building intelligence, energy solutions and smart grid space, and we have the tools these markets are hungry for. I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead a company with the potential to define the next generation of commercial energy solutions.”

Welcome to Enerliance Ray. We’re excited to have you.

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