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LOBOS in the News: Setting
the USGBC Standard for LEED Pilot Credit 8

Monday, November 11, 2013

We all know that the United States Green Business Council (USGBC) developed the LEED program to promote efficiency through integrative design, and it is clear that unified building systems are crucial for attaining the high levels of efficiency that a LEED certification demands.  That being said, it will come as no surprise to those familiar with LOBOS to hear that the USGBC has invited Enerliance to participate in their Demand Response Partnership Program (DRRP) as a technology solution provider and a contributor to the research that will continue to inform the development of LEED Pilot Credit 8: Demand Response.

Why Enerliance? Because LOBOS is a real world example of the unified and integrated technology concepts promoted by LEED. The LOBOS software utilizes HVAC intelligence and real time control to deliver both Energy Efficiency and Automated Demand Response on a single platform.

We are pleased to announce this exciting new partnership with Enerliance,” said USGBC Vice President, LEED, Brendan Owens. “Working together, along with our research partners, we will be able to take a much needed look at the interrelationships between energy demand, energy efficiency, demand response, and the commercial building sector.”

The DRPP  is a collaboration between the USGBC and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), bringing together both sides of the grid – utilities and technology solution providers plus owners and managers of LEED registered and certified buildings – with the end goal of increasing participation in Demand Response and Smart Grid programs. Other members of the DRPP are Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Southern California Edison (SCE), NV Energy, and Skipping Stone.

The USGBC approached Enerliance because of the success rates that LOBOS equipped buildings have achieved in California demand response programs. Buildings outfitted with the LOBOS software easily and automatically participate in the demand response programs which are so critical to managing the strain on overworked electricity grids.  As of this date, LOBOS is providing more than 20MW of utility tested Auto-DR capacity to the Southern California Grid.

“Periods of peak-demand on the electrical grid can cause blackouts, but they also drive high on-peak energy costs that effect businesses and residences alike,” says Enerliance DRPP Project Manager, Greg Bair. “While demand response programs can help mitigate this system strain, participation can be a time and labor intensive process. What makes LOBOS so effective is its automated functionality and comfort focus.”

As a research partner for LEED Pilot Credit 8: Demand Response, Enerliance will share data and experience pertaining to HVAC demand response. According to Enerliance CEO Scot Duncan “We believe that any HVAC demand response approach that sacrifices occupant comfort is bound to fail. By actively managing the impact to occupant comfort, LOBOS makes it possible to curtail the largest load in the building, the HVAC system, and participate in these critically important demand response programs.”

LOBOS not only supplies a building with automated demand response when necessary, it also has an integrated energy efficiency component that reduces overall energy consumption by making constant micro-adjustments to an HVAC system every minute of the day. This overall attention to efficiency allows for the kinds of energy cost savings that make demand response participation a fiscally worthwhile endeavor for building owners. The energy efficiency component to LOBOS is, at the most recent count, delivering $3.5-million in annual energy savings.

We see our participation in the development of LEED Pilot Credit 8 as a great honor and as further validation of the LOBOS demand response functionality. We believe it is only a matter of time before LOBOS becomes the standard for large scale commercial HVAC efficiency.

Growth Brings New Responsibilities To The Enerliance Team While New Hires Bring Additional Experience To The Table

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Following the opening of our new headquarters facility in February, we continue to position Enerliance for rapid expansion by growing our team of professionals.

Experts in building automation, HVAC, energy solutions and product development have joined us at a pivotal time, as we shift from research and development to marketing and distribution of our LOBOS building efficiency and demand response platform nationwide.

During this time of rapid growth, enhancing the LOBOS system while maintaining customer satisfaction remain our key objectives. We are confident that the latest additions to our team will help us continue to meet those goals.

Several Enerliance veterans have accepted new levels of responsibility:

John_GrussJohn Gruss has been named Vice President and General Manager of the Enerliance Systems Integration Group.  John was most recently general manager for Honeywell’s Southern California operations and brought more than 30 years of HVAC and controls industry experience to Enerliance when he joined us in August 2012.

“It was an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something that I think will be really beneficial to the energy industry,” John said.During John’s career, he has managed the sales and installation of hundreds of building automation systems.  He now supports the addition of LOBOS intelligence to many of the very same sites, providing the opportunity for clients to benefit from his experience, hands-on knowledge and understanding of how buildings and mechanical equipment operate.

“It’s truly full circle to be involved in the original installation and come back to add LOBOS intelligence to the building automation system 20 years later,” John said.

Franz_GeorgesFranz Gorges, Director of Product Development, has an extensive background in building automation and controls.  Franz began working with Enerliance in 2008 and was literally the first employee of the company.  He has been instrumental in converting the original LOBOS sequences into software code and designing the next generation of the software in JAVA as LOBOS migrated to the Niagara platform.

“I’m looking forward to developing the latest and greatest LOBOS system by incorporating customer feedback into our revisions and adding new features as we continue to evolve and improve the product,” Franz said.

Meet the latest additions to the Enerliance team:

Kevin_TockKevin Tock, Vice President of Product Development and Support, specialized in automating petrochemical plants, power plants and other industrial buildings before coming to Enerliance. He has many years of experience helping start-ups like Enerliance convert project-based software into products and successfully launching them into the market.

“The fact that Enerliance has had so many successful LOBOS installations means that we can focus on surrounding the core software with all of the documentation, testing, support and quality necessary to be deployed by our channel partners,” Kevin said. “This is the final step in the evolution from a custom solution to a truly scalable software product.”

Greg_BairGreg Bair, Executive Project Manager, has spent 25 years in the energy efficiency industry working in roles ranging from facility service Business Development to Vice President, Demand Side Services for a national energy solutions provider.  .

“I look forward to applying my experience with national portfolio project rollouts to LOBOS projects as we grow,” Greg said.

Greg also hopes that his knowledge of how different utilities and energy incentive programs operate in different parts of the country can be used to benefit Enerliance clients.

Greyson_WayerGreyson Wayer, a finance major and energy minor from University of Notre Dame, accepted a summer internship at Enerliance because he wanted to gain perspective on the building efficiency industry.

“In the next 20 years, whether we’re building new buildings or renovating the ones we already have, this is going to be a huge industry,” Greyson said.

During his time with us, Greyson is applying his database expertise to migrate multiple Excel based data sets into a single database environment to speed processes and make information more timely, accessible and accurate.


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