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Enerliance in the News

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The list of successful LOBOS installations, including Kilroy Airport Center, Constellation Place and the San Diego Convention Center, keeps growing, and the more our technology is implemented for efficiency, fault detection and diagnostics, and automated demand response, the more people in the media are beginning to sit up and take notice.

At the end of November, Business Energy Magazine published an article to their website titled, “The Ways of Warehouses and Other Large Facilities: Assessing industrial and commercial spaces for efficiency upgrades.” The article spotlighted many of the ways in which buildings are becoming more efficient from prismatic lighting, to removable pipe insulation blankets, to, of course, LOBOS real time HVAC energy management.

As we all know, in a building with typical functionality—industrial, commercial or otherwise, one of the most dramatic efficiency upgrades can come from the HVAC system. If you’ve been following our story at all, you know that a LOBOS efficiency upgrade can improve HVAC efficiency by 30% to 50%.

The Business Energy Magazine article, via an interview with Enerliance vice president of product development Kevin Tock, elaborates on how LOBOS provides 24/7 real time insights into the functionality of HVAC equipment. This insight, the article explains, can reveal previously undetected overall HVAC system energy waste and waste that is due to poorly functioning equipment.

We think Kevin did a great job explaining how LOBOS provides a viable pathway to HVAC efficiency and the associated cost savings, and we encourage you to head on over to Business Energy Magazine to read the full article. We also want to thank Business Energy for including us in their efficiency round up. The more people know about our technology, the more energy we can save.

Once you’ve read the article, come on back and use the efficiency calculator on our homepage to discover what kind of energy costs LOBOS can deliver in your building.

Big Changes and Continued Growth for Enerliance

Thursday, August 14, 2014

If you’ve been following the Enerliance story at all, you know that we’ve been doing a lot of growing in the past couple of years. Our patented LOBOS technology is installed in more buildings in more states than ever before. Our recent acquisition by Yardi has positioned us as a national energy market player, and there is just no stopping that ticker on our home page counting the kWh saved, thanks not only to LOBOS, but to the team effort of a company on a mission.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re reporting another round of big changes devised to expand Enerliance’s reach and position us for the next stage in our company’s development.

Five New Offices

Enerliance Company Tree

Our recent acquisition by Yardi has brought a wealth of new opportunities, including broader market exposure and increased demand for LOBOS. To capitalize on these developments, we are slated to open five new regional offices in the coming months, the first of which will be in New York City. We are currently recruiting the industry’s top talent for sales, engineering and support, and we look forward to working with Manhattan’s finest portfolio managers in meeting the state’s ambitious efficiency goals. Additional offices are planned in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and San Francisco.

New National Director of Sales, Energy Efficiency – Mark Boliaris

Mark Boliaris

To manage this growth, Enerliance has brought in building systems sales and management expert Mark Boliaris. With 30 years’ experience in engineering and building efficiency, Mark will be leading    the rapidly expanding Enerliance business development team. Mark’s management history at some of the building automation industry’s most respected companies includes Honeywell Building   Solutions, Cisco, and Johnson Controls. His experience leading the market introduction of BAS products from concept through development & global launch gives him the perspective and knowledge- base necessary to position LOBOS for broad market expansion, while his engineering expertise and far-reaching industry network make him uniquely capable of delivering the LOBOS message to the right audience. We are looking forward to a season of extraordinary advancement under his expert guidance.

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