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Constellation Place: Yet Another LOBOS Success Story

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

JMB Realty Corp., the management behind Constellation Place, has known from day one the importance of efficiency in a well-operated building. Constellation Place utilizes solar panels and fuel cells, high efficiency lighting and plumbing, and was the first in Los Angeles to attain LEED EB status. Currently, Constellation Place is LEED EB O&M Gold certified and is designated as a green business by Los Angeles and the State of California. That being said, it will come as no surprise to hear that in 2013, management decided to upgrade their already ultra-efficient EMS system with a LOBOS EE installation. Dig into this blog, and it will come as no surprise to hear that the installation has resulted in an annual energy use reduction of 1.1 million kilowatt hours.

In geekspeak, this translates into a central plant daytime load that now runs at 0.34 to 0.65 kilowatts per ton on most days, compared to 0.80 to more than 1.00 kilowatts per ton prior to LOBOS, an average reduction of 30-50 percent. The smaller nighttime loads have been seeing consistent energy efficiency improvements of 50 percent or more.

Here on the Enerliance blog, we are continually reporting savings rates in the millions of kWh like they are no big deal—which they aren’t—to LOBOS. But in the big world of energy efficiency, these levels of reduction are a bit harder to come by. For us, these numbers are proof positive that LOBOS is a truly transformative technology.

All across the country, large commercial building owners are stepping up their efficiency efforts. Obtaining LEED certification and being known for green initiatives and environmental responsibility is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Aside from the amazing PR and the obvious and crucial environmental benefits, a major reason for this push toward efficiency is that the people managing these large buildings are savvy. They are business-minded individuals who know that wasted resources are wasted money.

We love the fact that LOBOS is so good for the environment, and that it’s so good for the bottom line. We know that in order for large commercial properties to adopt efficiency technology, it has to make good sense financially. We believe that because LOBOS fulfills these criteria, it is an environmental champion. We are proud and grateful that Constellation Place trusted us with their building.

Read the press release.

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