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Enerliance’s National Sales Director Writes Article for Automated Buildings, February Edition

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This month, be sure to head on over to the Automated Buildings website to read, Mark Boliaris’s special guest article on commercial HVAC optimization technology. The article explores the benefits of HVAC optimization, and the ways in which this type of upgrade can help building owners achieve their sustainability goals, save on energy costs and improve occupant comfort.

The article highlights some of LOBOS’s most important attributes including its ability to optimize an HVAC system’s operation to such a degree that commercial building owners can potentially save millions in year over year energy costs. The article also highlights the ways in which LOBOS’s 24/7 minute by minute calibration, oversight and fault detection can help to make control systems and air handler upgrade investments result in a higher level of efficiency than they could ever achieve on their own.

With government sustainability initiatives cropping up across the country, we foresee building upgrades of this sort will soon become the rule, rather than the exception. But with technology changing at such a rapid clip, it is critical for facilities managers, property managers and controls experts to know their options so that they can plan their upgrades to achieve the biggest return on investment. We thank Automated Buildings for the opportunity to share our knowledge and to share information about our product with the greater BAS community. As a technology built upon Tridium’s open source Niagara framework, LOBOS really is a must-have commercial HVAC efficiency upgrade. It is compatible with most existing building automation systems. Its ADR component allows for easy and automatic demand response participation—which is only becoming more prevalent. And its data delivery allows for system analysis that allows facilities experts to see into the real time functionality of their equipment.

More LOBOS installations will result in more efficiency, a further reduction to our nation’s carbon footprint and a real chance at a sustainable future. So again, thank you Automated Buildings for helping us spread the word.

Have you check out our efficiency calculator? Click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what LOBOS can do for your building.

New Video Explains LOBOS Technology for Automated Buildings

Monday, September 29, 2014

Because LOBOS is such a new technology, in such a niche field, its operations and benefits can be difficult to comprehend. Often, when talking about LOBOS, we use industry-specific terminology, and sometimes explanations can raise more questions than they answer. But LOBOS is so revolutionary and so amazing that we want everyone along the chain of impact to know about it—from the automated buildings systems integrator right down to the office worker who can now enjoy a consistently comfortable building temperature.

That’s why, instead of more talk about how great LOBOS is—how it makes participation in demand response programs a breeze; how it’s an energy efficiency must-have for all well-designed automated buildings; how it actually, in many instances, reduces comfort calls while saving energy and money—we decided to make a video. Because, we get it, this is complicated stuff and sometimes you need a good visual to truly understand a new technology and how you can benefit from it.

The LOBOS video is designed for everyone. People with no HVAC industry experience will appreciate the video’s broader explanations of how an automated building system works and how LOBOS makes it work better. Engineers and systems integrators will appreciate how it clarifies the ways in which LOBOS optimizes the HVAC system to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, while allowing for the easy and automatic participation in demand response. (more…)

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