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Energy Efficiency Spotlight: New York City

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In May 2015, the American Council for An Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) announced the results of its Biennial Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranking the most energy-efficient cities in the United States. The ranking accounted for factors including government operations, community initiatives, buildings, utilities and transportation. The most energy-efficient city, according to their scorecard, is Boston, with New York City coming in at a close second.

2015’s Top Five Most Efficient U.S. Cities

From the ACEEE City Energy Efficiency Scorecard



With offices in New York and a strong desire to see the Big Apple take the top spot in ACEEE’s next challenge, we thought we’d take a closer look at the policies and incentives that are helping New York be such a stellar example of efficiency for the rest of the nation.

Local Government

The ACEEE ranks New York as a top leader in local government efficiency initiatives. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has made it his mission to see his city’s greenhouse gas emissions cut 80 percent by 2050.

Community Initiatives

New York City’s green building plan dictates that all public buildings using too much energy will be upgraded for efficiency by 2025. In April, Mayor de Blasio announced a $100 million public housing energy savings program across almost 300 developments to retrofit thousands of buildings to operate more efficiently. According to, mandates and initiatives like these are slated to not only save $8.5 billion in energy costs over 10 years, they’re projected to create around 3,500 jobs in the fields of construction and energy services.


Commercial building owners are currently eligible for millions of dollars in rebate and incentive monies available to upgrade their lighting and HVAC systems for greater levels of efficiency and automated demand response participation. Studies evaluating building energy usage are also eligible for incentive reimbursements of up to $67,000.

Enerliance is proud to be a part of New York City’s quest to be a national energy efficiency hero. Installing LOBOS HVAC optimization technology is one way commercial building owners can qualify for upgrade rebates while delivering improved comfort to their occupants and meeting their city’s efficiency mandates and goals.

As a Con Edison Market Partner, with a number of incentivized projects featuring LOBOS currently in progress, Enerliance has the experience and positioning to help New York’s commercial real estate market attain its efficiency goals. For more information on how LOBOS can improve the comfort and efficiency of your building, learn more at our “building owners, managers and occupants” page.

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New Video Explains LOBOS Technology for Automated Buildings

Monday, September 29, 2014

Because LOBOS is such a new technology, in such a niche field, its operations and benefits can be difficult to comprehend. Often, when talking about LOBOS, we use industry-specific terminology, and sometimes explanations can raise more questions than they answer. But LOBOS is so revolutionary and so amazing that we want everyone along the chain of impact to know about it—from the automated buildings systems integrator right down to the office worker who can now enjoy a consistently comfortable building temperature.

That’s why, instead of more talk about how great LOBOS is—how it makes participation in demand response programs a breeze; how it’s an energy efficiency must-have for all well-designed automated buildings; how it actually, in many instances, reduces comfort calls while saving energy and money—we decided to make a video. Because, we get it, this is complicated stuff and sometimes you need a good visual to truly understand a new technology and how you can benefit from it.

The LOBOS video is designed for everyone. People with no HVAC industry experience will appreciate the video’s broader explanations of how an automated building system works and how LOBOS makes it work better. Engineers and systems integrators will appreciate how it clarifies the ways in which LOBOS optimizes the HVAC system to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, while allowing for the easy and automatic participation in demand response. (more…)

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