Enerliance was founded in 2005 with a single goal, bringing the concepts behind LOBOS to market. Since then, LOBOS systems have been installed in buildings in Southern California and beyond, delivering proven, verifiable results in every case.

Enerliance was founded by two building controls experts, Scot Duncan, P.E., and Bob Johnson. Before founding Enerliance, Scot and Bob spent 30 years working together manually optimizing the performance of some of California’s premier real estate facilities.

In developing LOBOS, Scot and Bob applied their combined experience in building comfort and central plant performance optimization and put it in an intelligent, adaptable software platform. The first logic behind LOBOS was being hardcoded into energy management systems back in 1985, and in the years since, that logic has been refined, expanded and implemented into a scalable and flexible system.

The LOBOS demand response component was introduced in 2009, and has been a leading participant in Southern California Edison’s demand response programs.

In 2011, the core technologies behind the LOBOS platform were protected under patent number US 7,890,215 B2, granted to Scot Duncan.

In 2012, Enerliance launched LOBOS as a fully integrated suite including energy efficiency, automated demand response and intelligent fault detection & diagnostics.

From 2009 to mid-2013, LOBOS was installed in 301 buildings equaling 49 million square feet. LOBOS installed buildings are delivering 29 MW in demand response capacity, $3.5 million in annual energy savings, $7 million in total received utility incentives and total utility tested DR capacity of 20 MW.

Enerliance Building

Enerliance works with controls manufacturers and controls installation/maintenance contractors to provide the most efficient, cost-effective HVAC systems available. Companies who work with Enerliance include Trane, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE: IR), and LONG Building Technologies.

Data PointQuantity
Total Buildings301
Total Square Feet49 Million
Total Auto-Demand Response Capacity29 MW
Estimated Annual Energy Savings$3.5 Million
Total DR Capacity Utility Tested20 MW
Total Utility Incentives Received$7 Million

Includes all LOBOS installations from 2009 through August 2013. Includes all contracted LOBOS installations as of August 2013. Excludes all LOBOS based projects from 2005-2008.

Enerliance representatives are regularly invited to participate in discussion forums, interviews and speaking panels at energy-related conventions, trade shows and events, including IBCON and the Cleantech OC Conference and Expo. In 2013, the United States Green Building Council invited Enerliance to join their Demand Response Partnership Program (DRPP) to assist in the development of LEED Pilot Credit 8: Demand Response. This collaboration led to Enerliance’s participation in an educational panel at the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

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